Hi! I’m Mathias. I’m a developer and pixel-perfect designer mainly for the Web and iOS.

I’m a passioned Experience Designer and I will bring products into the focus of the user. Currently I’m working as Architect and Backend-Teamlead for the web agency For Sale Digital.

Before that, I worked as Innovation Director for the creative design agency PiXELHEIMAT and as part of the dutch location-based startup SCOUPY as technical Consult and Developer. I was responsible for the core and the backend implementation and mainly for the iOS App.

I have been a versatile developer for almost 20 years. For now, I’m primarily working on web and iOS topics. For my programming and designing breaks I like it to get out the park for a run or hang out with friends.

Don’t hesitate to drop me some lines. The easiest way is to ping me on Twitter or via Mail. You can also find me on Zerply and if you are also from Germany I think you are more familiar with XING.

I will incrementally update my page within the next weeks. Stay tuned!

Concepts & Ideas

Completed? No way, to get further improvements or to get up to a new level there are always different solutions and possibilities. One of my skill is to create new solutions or improve existing implementations of web applications and mobile apps.

UI & Webdesign

I love it if software not just works in a technical way but it is also easy to use. Additionally to the coding, it is very important for me to ensure the appearance and the design of Websites and Apps. To give you an overview about my work, I will create a small portfolio. That will be released soon.


Right now I'm focused on PHP. I’m developing and researching solutions for the quality-assurance of the source code. I’m always discovering new development techniques and ways for great implementations. Laravel 5 is currently my favorite framework. More about my work, later.

Stay connected.

Ping me on Twitter and follow my tweets about my development and design stuff.